Thursday, March 31, 2005

Harry & Benson - the first night

I'm not sure how many of you reading this have owned puppies, and how many of those can remember the first night. When I think back to previous dogs of mine, all I can remember is the relentless howling and scrabbling around at the back of the kithcen door, begging to be let out and reunited with mum.

The key appears to be - get yourself an older dog to keep the puppy company. Whilst Benson does not seem too chuffed with the new living arrangements right now, Harry is perfectly happy to snuggle up to what he obviously regards as a direct replacement for his mum.

And so we not only get a good night's sleep, but so does Harry, since we wake up to just a single small puddle of pee and no crottes de chiot at all.


Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Arri Arrives

Well, we've been and gawn and done it now...

Lynne found a For Sale notice in the local boulangerie and she foolishly tore off one of the little tabs with the phone number on it. Pure-bred Labrador puppies... oh my.... and there is a link to a Web site on there too. We just know it is a stupid thing to do, but we look anyway, lured by the fact that the bitch - a 4 year old black Lab named Reglise - looks so much like Benson, our 10 year old black Lab.

And so here we are, just 24 hours later, the proud owners of two black Labs, the larger of which is trying desperately to shag the other to within an inch of its life, whilst the smaller one seems intent on finding milk from whatever is dangling under the big dog's undercarriage. Not pleasant to be the recipient of needle-sharp puppy teeth in your goolies I bet. Benson doesn't seem impressed, anyway....

Tuesday, March 29, 2005

About this blog


Well I say hi.... but that is a bit premature. Because right now, at the time of writing, I guess there are no readers. And so I am basically saying "hi" to myself. Which is stupid. But then, not as stupid as some of the things I have done in my life.

So what's this all about, you might be thinking.

My name is Bob. I am a 40-something Brit who works in the computer industry. I work from home, but I work long hours, most days of the week, which leaves me little time to do things most normal people take for granted - like have a weekend. Or a life.

But before you switch off - this is not a blog of self-pity. The work thing I accept, and just get on with. In order to improve my lot, however, we moved lock stock and barrel - myself, my wife Lynne, and my 10 year old black Labrador retriever Benson - to the south of France. We now live in a large mas in the village of Sumene - 50km north of Montpellier in the foothills of the Cevennes. And very nice it is too.

The thinking was that, whilst I might still work ridiculous hours, at least the climate down here would permit me to relax round the pool of an evening with a nice glass of chilled rose wine, or plan for barbecues and slobby weekends without having the shitty British weather ruining my days off.

And from that point of view the move has been pretty successful. And despite the woeful lack of language skills, we actually have more friends and a more active social life here in the wilds of southern France where none of the locals speak a word of English (we were VERY careful to move somewhere where we wouldn't come into contact with a lot of "foreigners (i.e. other English people)) than we did in the previous 3 years in our home near Cambridge.

So vive la France, say I.