Wednesday, April 13, 2005

And in the blue corner....weighing in at 8 kilos...

Yup. I thought Harry was feeling a tad heavy. But he is also looking very skinny, which is the real reason I weighed him today. But at 8kg - that is 2kg up on last week - he is pretty much on track for his age and breed.

And so, at just short of 10 weeks of age, we are moving him from four meals a day to three, and upping his rations a bit from 200+ grams to around 300 grams spread over the three meals. Hopefully that should kick him on towards his target weight of around 12-13kg at 12 weeks

And as you can see, he is already starting to look like a real miniature Labrador rather than a fat, round, snub-faced puppy.

Ahhhh.... they grow up so fast...

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