Saturday, April 02, 2005

Arri or Harry?

So, how come he appears to have two names? Is that what you are asking?

Well, in France they have this weird thing going that all pedigree puppies born each year must have a name starting with a pre-defined letter. This year is the year of the "A", and we were informed that the name chosen by his breeder was Ascot, and that if we wanted a different name we had to choose before he was tattooed, chipped, and registered at the vet. In 24 hours...

So there we were in the vet, buying all his food and stuff, and we spotted a list of doggie names beginning with "A", most of which were horrendous. But there amongst them, was the name Arri. Now since we had already decided between us that his name was going to be Harry Winston - or Harry for short - it suddenly struck us that the French would normally pronounce that as 'arry.

Et voila - Arri suddenly made sense. So Arri is his official French posh name, whilst at home he is Harry. Although, since I am from Yorkshire originally, he usually gets 'arry at 'ome too.

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