Thursday, April 14, 2005

Even less work done

Last night I had to start work once I put the dogs to bed and work through to 3am just to get anything done. And I still have to get up at 7am to sort out the chiot.

My morning goes something like this:

Let Harry out for a pee and a poo
Walk both dogs round the field to try and persuade Benson to pee and poo. Benson is having none of it because he is feeling better today and thinks he should have a proper walk. I know better - he still needs 2-3 days rest and recuperation. Benson is unimpressed
Feed Harry
Feed Benson
Try to keep Harry away from Benson's food after he wolfs down his own
Play with Harry
Console Benson who is feeling left out
Try and tire out the puppy enough to settle him down
Finally get some breakfast
Take Harry out for a pee and a poo
Try and settle the dogs down so I can work

It is now 9am...

Sit down at PC and answer last night's e-mails
Now I can start work
The bell goes - it is the postman wanting a signature.
Settle Harry down after the disturbance
Sit down at the PC - try to get back into the work mindset
The bell goes - it is the boiler man come to fix the oil leak
Try and settle the dogs
Boiler man wants discussion about the fault he has found - a broken sight glass (which is 30 years old and in poor condition and difficult to replace). He promises to try and find another quickly, since the leak is now worse, necessitating me opening and closing a valve and powering the boiler on and off manually whenever I want it to work - not exactly "automatic"
Try and settle the dogs
Sit down at the PC - try to get back into the work mindset
The bell goes - it is the boiler man - he thinks he has found a replacement sight glass
Try to settle the dogs - Benson is getting very insistent about his walk
Give up on work and spend 40 minutes exercising Benson in the pool - swimming is better for him that walking right now, and he loves retrieving his ball. Harry loves running round and round the pool barking at him.
Further discussions with boiler man
Realise we are expecting storms tonight so decide to try and mow the lawn
Lawn mower packs in
Spend 20 minutes fixing lawn mower.
Benson decides to crap on the lawn (VERY bad - he knows better)
Spend 3 trips with pooper scooper removing les crottes de Benson - he has been putting off going to the loo in the expectation of going for a walk. A 35kg dog can actually produce way more than just 4 times the amount of poo from an 8kg dog in one sitting - I can vouch for that from personal experience. Lucky he doesn't have the trots!
Lawn mower is fixed - start mowing lawn.
Harry is scared of the mower - at least that means I can do this in peace
Further discussion with boiler man - the replacement glass is no better than the original
Clean up Harry's pee and poo from the terrace
Take Harry out for additional pee and poo if required
Finish mowing lawn
Bell goes - boiler man has found another replacement glass
Try and settle dogs down
Sit down at PC and try to get into work mindset
Phone goes - it is Lynne calling from the UK. All I do is moan at her (sorry dear!) until her phone batery packs in (at least I THINK that is what happened - perhaps she just hung up!)
Boiler man has fixed the leak temporarily, but says we still need a new sight glass, but we should be OK until Monday
Take Harry for a pee and poo
Try and settle dogs down
Fix the puppy-proofing that Harry has managed to tear down from the gate
Feed Harry his midday meal
Try and settle dogs down
Sit down at PC and try to get into work mindset
Have minor nervous breakdown
Write this
It is now 1pm and I should probably think about getting some lunch
And I am still waiting for the FedEx man to turn up

Wonder if I will get anything done this afternoon?

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