Friday, April 15, 2005

A long day

Greg, my French contact from the test equipment manufacturer we use, is fast becoming a regular visitor, despite the fact it is an arduous 3+ hour drive form Toulouse to Sumene. I think he is looking forward to next year when his girlfriend begins her studies in Montpellier and he moves just an hour down the road.

Anyhoo, he arrives around 10am which at least gives me chance to prepare myself mentally ahead of his arrivel - mental preparation is essential after getting up at the crack of dawn to sort out the dogs - just as well I was in bed relatively early last night. I won't bore you yet again with the list of Things To Do to get the dogs (well, Harry really, since he is the biggest troublemaker) sorted. Suffice it to say Greg's tardy arrival (he wanted to be here for 9am) is welcome.

Greg and I get stuck into some serious work, and much is accomplished before we break for a couple of excellent Pizzas from Alain's. M Diet, the painter, turns up just as I am about to collect them to sort out some problems with peeling paint on one of the salon walls. He painted the whole house at the beginning of last year, but the paint is peeling again already. He reckons it is because the old pointing let in water, and we had the house repointed there is nowhere else for the water to go but inwards. And since we used an oil-based paint, there is nothing else for it to do but blow the paint off the walls as it does.

Now me, I reckon it was just poor preparation in the particular corner of the salon, which was, admittedly, one of the worst spots for peeling paint and damp when we started the renovation. We shall see if the problem persisits. As it stands, the house now reeks of paint and I have to open all the doors and window to stop the dogs from passing out. Speaking of dogs, I find loads of bits of wire in Harry's bed, and then notice that he has extracted a wire "grate" from the main drain on the terrace and has been systematically destroying it throughout the day. I sincerely hope he has not actually eaten any of it. This dog is going to take some watching - I think we were spoiled with Benson.

Last time Greg was here he ended up sleeping in Montpellier because he was so late heading back and couldnt face the three hour drive at 10pm. So today I figure he will want to be out of here by about 4pm, maybe 5pm latest. No such luck. He finally leaves at around 11pm as we both start to nod off at the keyboard. Still, we have accomplihed a huge amount today, and I guess the payoff for him is that he won't have to come back here any time soon.

It is too late to start cooking, so I settle for a bowl of cereal whilst watching some junk TV. I figure I had better sit with the dogs for a while to give them some human company today, otherwise I will probably pay for it - at least from Harry - through the night. So I end up watching that live plastic surgery program with Vanessa Phelps, which is complete garbage.

People sending in videos and movies of their body parts from their mobile phones? What's that about? Jeez!

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