Wednesday, April 06, 2005

Meeting the friends

Harry is coming on in leaps and bounds. Except for the fact that he doesn't know his name. And he has that look about him that even if he admitted to knowing his name, he would still feign deafness whenever he was called. And he seems to want to chew everything in sight (a problem we never really had with Benson, amazingly). And he hoovers down each meal comme un petit aspirateur before dashing across to stick his face in Benson's. And he is running us ragged.

At the moment he is sleeping through a lot of the day, but I have the distinct feeling that this is just the calm before the storm. That pretty soon he is going to be grown-up enough to be awake and active (and engrossed in mischief) for the entire day whilst still being young enoough to get away with pretending that he doesn't know his name or that his hearing is not yet fully developed.

And so while he is at his cutest, our good friends Jan & Alex pop over to make his acquaintance. And I have to say that he behaves himself impeccably. Benson has stopped trying to shag him now, which makes him a lot lesss nervous, and he shows a passing interest in our visitors before settling down to chew the many pieces of kindling he has extracted form the wood basket. No matter how many chew toys we give him, kindling seems to be his favourite (as long as one of Lynne's slippers is not available)

Because of the hassle of the puppy, Lynne advertised this as a "scratch supper...perhaps a bit of pasta". It NEVER happens like that.... she just can't resist it. So we end up with fresh asparagus on a bed of pancetta topped with melted butter and a poached egg. Followed by gnocci in a marvelous blue cheese sauce. And topped off with a sort of chocolate souffle with a melted chocoloate interior, dusted with icing sugar and with fresh raspberries on the side. Yes.... very scratch! I try to do it justice with a few bottles of Grand Chemin Sauvignon Blanc to start, followed by Domaine Henry St Georges d'Orques 2001, which goes down pretty darn well.

As usual, the company is great, and we finally bid farewell around midnight, a tad early since Jan & Alex have to be up early to drive to Barcelona. Harry is fast asleep. So is Alex....good job Jan is driving...

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