Sunday, April 10, 2005

Plus ca change, plus c'est la meme chose

I am in a good place today, despite that fact that I have resigned myself to giving up my weekend lie-in for the foreseeable future - at least until certain mini-Labradors are able to hold their bladders.

So more Labrador games - more TV - and I have a go at this blogging thing. I have tried it before, and managed to keep it up for a couple of years - the results of which can still be found at However, work pressures meant I had to pack it in, and that was right about the time we moved to France. Which is a shame, since the chronicles of our early years here - including mammoth renovations on the house - would have been fascinating. If not to you, dear reader, then at least to me in years to come. Alors, c'est comme ca.... I didn't have the time. And I still don't, really, so I trust you are not expecting regular updates to this blog.

I will do my best to mark the momentous occasions (like Harry's first real walk, or me managing to get through a day without getting yelled at), and at the very least, will hopefully provide weekly synopses of my life here.

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