Saturday, April 16, 2005


For some reason, despite all the late nights, I still cannot sleep past 7am. I guess it is my subconscious alarm clock screaming at me to "get out of bed before the puppy pisses all over the kitchen and eats your shoes". So I do.

The rest of the morning is spent playing with the poochies and watching junk TV. The dogs both seem quite happy for me just to be around, even if I am not paying them attention directly, and so I am quite happy to lie on the settee watching all the crap we have "taped" over the last week or two. I say "taped", but it is actually the hard disk recorder that provides me with the freedom to record just about everything going, and then filter out the crap afterwards - a bit like the video equivalent of the digital camera, really. Gone are the days when we restricted ourselves to a couple of 36 exposure reels of film per holiday. Now we load up with 1GB memory cards, and I even take my iPod with me with the Belkin Media Reader so I can dump the camera contents to hard disk at regular intervals so I can, in effect, take over 20GB of pics at a time if I like!

The hard disk recorder gives me that same freedom, and so I roll through episodes of Scrubs, Everybody Loves Raymond and King of Queeens while drinking several cups of Italian Roast coffee (remind me to tell you about the wonderful espresso machine I had installed when we renovated the kitchen some time) pendant que je fait des gratouilles aux chiens de temps en temps.

This carries on for most of the day until it is time to pop into nimes to pick up Lynne on her return from England. All in all, not a bad day.

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