Friday, April 15, 2005


Well, I did manage to do some work yesterday afternoon after all. I guess all the acitivity in the morning must have tuckered out the little guy, and he slept right through. Luckily, the FedEx man appeared just as I was finishing lunch, so it gave me a clear run through to tea time.

Spent the evening with the dogs and tried to watch Godzilla again on DVD, but too tired. Ended up in bed at 10pm - unheard of normally when Lynne is away. Just as well though, since bugger-lugs decided to have a barking fit at 6am this morning. Not really worth trying to go back to bed after that, so I have to deal with my work visitor today with bags and dark circles under my eyes.

Hope I can stay awake.

And that the dogs behave.

Fat chance, huh?

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