Wednesday, April 13, 2005


So you can judge for yourselves just how fast they DO grow up - this is a shot of bugger-lugs barely two weeks ago....

This is pretty much the response we get whenever we ask him to do something!


Rick said...

Welcome back. So, what ya been doin' for the last three years? And how do you keep up with Leeds from the south of France?


Bob Walder said...


At the point of my last post on we had basically decided to move to France - bit of a snap decision.

So the time between then and now has pretty much been taken up with packing up and moving a house and business - part time in France initially, now full time - renovating the house (took about 12 months) and generally getting into the swing of things over here.

Most of the lack of posting has been down to pressur eof work, thoough, to be honest