Monday, March 20, 2006

Tax and and spend....

I see that Labour's latest stealth tax is a new 'wealth tax" which is to be levied on those who have spent their hard-earned cash - on which they have already paid income tax, remember! - improving their home. The scumbag parasites living next door on benefits (which we pay from our taxes!) with a rusty old car, broken down fridge and vomit-covered sofa in their front garden will pay much less - not that they care, since it is those of us who actually pay taxes who will end up paying their poll tax for them anyway....

Sir Michael Lyons, having performed a review of the current council tax system, has said "if you have two houses next to each other who have got the same income, but one of them has very considerably more wealth, it doesn't seem inappropriate to reflect on whether those households with more wealth should make a bigger contribution".


The disparity in wealth is taken care of by the many other taxes, such as income tax and sales tax (which prevent you from amassing any degree of wealth in the first place), inheritance tax (which forces you to sell your family home to pay it, and probably leaves you worse off, after funeral expenses, than before whoever it was popped their clogs), and so on. Council tax/poll/tax or whatever you want to call it is SUPPOSED to be levied so that local government has something to pay towards providing local services. As such, it should be based on the size of your property or, more fairly, a tax per capita.

I warned this would happen when Labour came to power after all those years of Tory leadership. The result of an entire generation of kids now old enough to vote but too young to remember how bad it was to be held to ransom by the miners union every winter (power cuts and candles were a regular occurrence throughout the winters of my childhood) is that a party which has no idea how to balance a budget is once again imposing taxes left right and centre. They proudly point to the fact that we are paying the lowest income tax for decades, but think we are too stupid to notice all the many stealth taxes they have imposed to pay for their spendthrift ways. Bastards!

Oh - and their other little gem is that they now expect you to allow "inspectors" into your home for the sole purpose of documenting your room layout, living space, furniture and possessions so they can more accurately levy their ridiculous tax on those who work hard to improve their lot in life. This is so "1984" as to be beyond belief, but is typical of the increasingly controlling and intrusive manner in which this government attempts to dictate our daily lives. "Nanny state" doesn't even come close....

And another thing..... no one could possibly convince me that these lists will not end up in the hands of thieves, who now have the government "casing the joint" for them - all they do is pick the most likely target from the list sold to them by the disgruntled town clerk. In order to eliminate this spark of enterprise, Lyon's latest brainwave is to put all this info right on the Internet where everyone can see it anyway.

Look out for my new web site,, where you can enter the make and model of the plasma TV you want and the site will serve you up a list of houses which contain that exact model - or nearest match - in your immediate vicinity.

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