Sunday, September 14, 2008

Calvisson oh Calvisson

With apologies to John Denver :o)

Sunday morning with a cup of coffee and the Sunday papers in Calvisson market is one of life's great treats. Calvisson market is every bit as good as, if not better than, Sommieres market on a Saturday, and is a lot less hectic. Lynne has been frequenting for a while, since it is where she buys a lot of her fruit and veg, as well as the excellent roast chickens they have there, but I have only started going recently.

My job is to try and control Harry, who's training seems to go out of the window when faced with hustle and bustle and noise on this scale. He is not frightened, as such, but he is "disturbed" and seems to want to get through it as quickly as possible, usually dragging me along behind vainly crying "heel, Harry, heel" to the amusement of passers by. And he wants to pee everywhere. Which is difficult to control given that this is technically "outdoors" and he is "on a walk". But I do need to try and stop him cocking his leg on stationary shopping baskets full of bread, stall-holder displays and blackboards with prices and product details on them, all of which seem to be fair game in his little brain.

I notice for the first time this week that Elie, he of Sommieres bar and galette fame, is also in attendance selling his excellent savoury galettes, which improves the prospects for next week's breakfast no end!

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