Tuesday, September 16, 2008

A Day In Montpellier

Off into Montpellier to the Musee Fabre for the Courbet exhibition today.

Much of it was not to my taste - not keen on hunting scenes or seascapes of any description, and his landscapes were decidedly dull in terms of subject matter choice - but his portraits were generally very good. Particularly liked Desperate Man (right) and Beautiful Irish Woman.

A nice salad and pasta lunch to follow down by the river, and then to the Royal cinema to see Mama Mia. Hmmmmmmm! Pearce might make a good James Bond but not sure about his future in musicals. In fact, given the fact that the soundtrack to this particular musical was always going to be a winner, I am not sure it wouldn't have worked better if they had cast some unknowns who could really sing.

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