Thursday, September 04, 2008

If It's Thursday, This Must Be London!

Just a week after getting back from Austin, I'm on the move again. Not as far this time - Paris first, then London for a few hours, before returning to Paris and then home. Why? I need to go to London for a check up with my eye surgeon (had laser surgery a few months back -best money I ever spent!) and Lynne and I have become more than a little tired of paying through the nose for cramped London accomodation and crap London food.

So now we spend a few days in Paris - much cleaner and more civilized than London (though more English people!) and much cheaper accomodation and food.

Then I hop on a Eurostar which gets me into London for my 9am appointment, and another which gets me back to Paris in time for tea. Very civilized, and about as much of London as I want to see these days.

Yesterday in Paris we had an excellent Indian meal for lunch, visited the modern art museum, went to see Dark Knight and finished off with an excellent sushi supper. I do miss "forrin food" where we live - those southerners wouldn't know a chilli if it bit them on the arse. Nice to get my fix here once in a while.

Dark Knight was excellent if you are a fan of the original "darker" Batman stories. I am. Great story, lots of violence - the 2hrs 32mins flew by.

Mixed reviews for the modern art. The museum itself is fantastic, and we only got to see a fraction of it. Some of the artwork was stunning, and I would dearly love to have it in my home. But SO much of it is complete crap.

I'm sorry, but IMHO it does not count as "art" if a) I could do it (the pile of rocks with a man hole cover thrown on top, for example), b) a 5 year old could do it (so whilst I am a huge fan of Pollack, simply throwing paint on a canvas and then stamping on it does NOT count - so "Achilles Mourning the Death of Patroclus" (see above - two splodges of red paint on an otherwise blank canvas!) and, indeed, anything by Cy Twombly just rates as pants as far as I'm concerned), or c) Harry could do it (this includes the two examples of blank canvas - no, really! One blue, and a tryptic of white! - and the thing which resembled a pile of dog shit, which it may have been for all I know).

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