Thursday, September 11, 2008

Mad Dogs And Englishmen

Even the mad dogs and Englishmen stay out of the midday sun in summer over here, so the BritsNimes walking group was mothballed through the worst of the summer heat.

Clearly everyone was feeling guilty about lazing around all summer eating and drinking to excess and doing absolutely no exercise ("Wot, me guvnor?") since there was a record turnout for the first walk of the new season, a charming stroll around the river, woods and vineyards of Salinelles. And a couple of new dogs for Harry to annoy.

What I don't understand, however, is why people continue to insist on turning up for these things in white trousers when they know there is a brain-addled black Labrador retriever in attendance who makes a bee-line for the first body of water he sees (no matter how muddy or stagnant) and then emerges, refreshed and revitalised and ready to re-make friends with everyone.

Despite all that, Daniel and Ina were kind enough to invite us all back for a drink or three afterwards. Very civilised...

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