Saturday, September 06, 2008

More Culture

The trip to London out of the way, we settle down to our last day in Paris. It rains. Hard Nothing gay about Paree when it's pissing it down, let me tell you. We decide to head back to the Pompidou centre to finish off our tour of the modern art museum, and are thoroughly glad we did.

The upper floor is far more interesting than the lower one we toured on our first day here. This is clearly the adult section, with no paintings from 6 year olds or lame dogs allowed. Much more satisfying. Though I'm still not sure what people see in Matisse, there are enough outstanding works from Picasso, Braques (new to me), Chagall and Dali to make this a wonderful experience. Highly recommended for your next rainy day in Paris. Wonderful meal (if a tad expensive) I'm the 6th floor restaurant too, with fantastic views over the city.

After lunch we decide to while away an hour or two in the cinema, as much to give our feet a rest as anything else. We end up seeing the first English-language film that is showing, which turns out to be "Happy Go Lucky", a delightfully quirky British made film that, whilst not spectacular in any way, makes for a pleasant way to pass a couple of hours on a rainy afternoon.

After the film we set off in search of the National Photography Museum. We trek all the way out to the 8th arrondissement, only to be told on our arrival that the exhibitions have been moved to a wonderful new location.... back in the 4th! Not more than a few minutes from where we spent our morning, apparently. Bum! Too late to make our way back now and still have time to see anything, so we decide to save this one for our next trip. Double bum!

Since we are on the Champs Elysees we pop in to the cinema there to see what is on in VO and end up seeing Hancock. This one is hilarious and far better than I was expecting it to be. Recommended!

We finish off with a superb meal at Mood, just off the main drag, and after way too much wonderful food decide to spend an hour walking back to the hotel.

Would be sorry we were leaving if it wasn't for the fact that the pillows in this place are like sleeping on a sack of bricks.

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