Tuesday, September 30, 2008

Something Constructive

I am sure that those who have never owned dogs will not understand in the least - hopefully other dog lovers will sympathise with the fact that today we are completely fed up. I could burst into tears at the drop of a hat, and I should really stop looking at old photos and videos of Benson 'cos it's not helping at all.

We decide that the only way to pull ourselves out of this funk is to do something "constructive". We decide to tackle the job which we have been putting off since the builders left in May - The Garage. The Garage is deserving of Capital Letters because it is one of those jobs which I would gladly pay someone else to do. It is not just that it is full of cartons which need to be unpacked, but the state of everything within is totally disgusting.

See, the thing is, when the builders arrived back in February, we moved most of our belongings into storage, and we moved ourselves into rented accommodation. However, there were a number of things which were too bulky to put into storage, or would be required during our stay in the rental, and those we left in the garage, the one room in the house which require little ro no work. The idea was that the door between garage and house would be closed, covered in plastic and taped up. Imagine our horror when we arrived on site on day one to find the disc cutters in full flow in the concrete floors, and - for some bizarre reason - the garage door wide open. Despite my flying off the handle at the time, this did not turn out to be an isolated incident, either. The result is a garage full of belongings which are completely impregnated with cement dust.

After making myself totally light-headed on several occasions as I tried to clean this stuff off, my solution was to buy a compressor to tackle the job. This turned out to be one of those "best money I have ever spent" things. Still, the whole job is made that much more unpleasant - as well as lengthy - by the need to move everything out of the garage, vacuum the garage as best we can (sweeping just caused clouds of dust which settled back on everything half an hour later), and then clean the stuff off before we can unpack it or put it back.

After a day, we have the garage empty and clean, and a whole bunch of kitchen stuff unpacked. Tiring, but we're feeling very virtuous. However, despite our best intentions, it's wine with dinner again!

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