Friday, October 10, 2008

Busy Day

On the golf course, that is.

We join up with Lynne's friend Giselle, and the foursome is made up with David, a Swiss tourist who speaks passable English but the girl on reception admonishes him to speak French only with us. Ironically, for once, I think my French was actually better than his, and we actually have to resort to English to help him out on occasion.

Anyway, the first 9 goes swimmingly, with 3 pars (including both the par 3's) and a total of 46. Rather spoiled by some wayward driving and some tired fairway shots on the back 9, coming home in 52 for a total of 98.

The day is finished off with a very pleasant meal in Caveirac with Doug and Pam, and I finally get to see some of Doug's photos in the flesh. Check out for yourself - they look even better in real life. And no, he doesn't use Photoshop - all the effects you see are done in the camera at the time the picture is taken. Excellent stuff.

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