Saturday, October 04, 2008

Harry Does Sommieres

It's been a while since we have been to Sommieres market on a Saturday, so we decide to take Harry along for a bit of a trip out.

Trips to the local market are always a battle between Harry's desire to mark everything in sight - be it lamp post, market stall, basket of shopping, or small stationary child - and my desire not to get thumped. Today I do pretty well I think - I counted 10 preventions to one "slip up" and I managed to get away from that one before we were spotted.

We come to rest at Elies' as usual, and pass a pleasant hour or two with Brian and Peter drinking beer and eating delicious Lebanese galettes while Harry sprawls across the main thoroughfare causing havoc for waters and customers alike. He is a hit, though, as testified by the fact that numerous passers by come back to feed him tidbits.

One point of note - today is the first day I have had to wear long pants since March. I guess Autumn has arrived....

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