Sunday, November 16, 2008

AGF Competition

It's the AGF-sponsored competition today and I am in a 3-some with Lauren and Michel. The weather is fantastic and the game is great.

Just shows how nervous I must have been yesterday. Despite the fact that this is a competition I feel much more relaxed having got the championship stuff out of the way, and I shoot 45 out and 47 back for a total of 92. This is enough to win today's competition both brut and net - yay!

There are prizes to be had, but the biggest thing is that my handicap falls from 27.4 to 23.2, and this is enough to move me from the 3me serie to the 2me serie. This is the biggest division, and of course in one fell swoop I have gone from having one of the lowest handicaps in a small division to one of the biggest handicaps in a large division. Methinks the prizes will be few and far between next year!

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