Thursday, November 20, 2008

Berfday Boy

It's my birthday today - more grey hairs, more sagging flesh, more aches and pains. You know you are getting old when all these things no longer wait a year to appear, but rather accumulate on a weekly basis.

I don't even get a lie in! WIth dance classes on a Thursday night, we need to get up at oh-dark-thirty in order to fit in 18 holes of golf and give us enough time to recover before dancing. In fact, it is SO dark when we get up that we can't even see where the balls are going on the practice range. Complete waste of time that is! Because the practice is a wash-out, we are freezing by the time we get to the first tee and it takes us 4-5 holes to warm up. I shoot an abysmal 51 on the front 9, but make up for it partially with a back 9 of 47. For some reason my putting has gone to hell in a hand-basket.

At least the ridiculously early start sees us back home before lunch time, just in time to take Harry for a proper walk (way too dark for him to walk this morning - his decision, not ours!). Golf then dog walk - now I am really knackered. DId I mention I was getting old?

Dance lessons tonight focus on the tango again - my favourite - and afterwards we dine in style at le Cheval Blanc, overlooking les Arenes in Nimes. This is rapidly becoming our favourite haunt - the wine list is great, they sell it by the glass, and now we discover the food is fantastic as well. Best steak I have ever eaten in France, and the seafood is superb. Well worth a visit - even Alex should be able to find this one (right opposite that huge place where they used to feed gladiators to lions, Alex....)


Alex said...

Thanks for that. A good steak is hard to find. Happy Birthday.

Anniina said...

Happy belated :)