Sunday, November 23, 2008

No More Slice?

I just cured my slice!

That phrase should drive more traffic to my blog than any other I have written to date. Apart from "Angelina Jolie ballet dances naked before steamy sex session with Olla Jordan". There, that should wrap up most of the internet traffic for this week.....

Anyway, back to the slice thing. Those of you who know me and have put up with my endless moaning about my terrible incurable golf slice over the last few months - or even worse, have had to play a round with me and spent half of it looking for my ball in the right rough! - will be pleased and amazed that I have finally got to grips with it (no pun intended). When I use phrases like "got to grips" and "cured", of course, I use these in the loosest golf-related sense. In that whatever we do this week to cure the ills of our golf swing seems to manage to miraculously reverse itself the week after. Right now, however, I will take a week of decent golf and solve the next problem when it appears.

Today I shoot 95 and go from hitting 5 fairways/greens in total last week to hitting 9 out of 14 fairways and 3 out of four of the par-3 greens. Shame my putting has gone to hell at the same time otherwise I could have broken 90, but you can't have everything at the same time in golf, can you? Otherwise it wouldn't be golf.

For those of you remotely interested in my amateur musings over my golf swing, I reckon that the "epiphany" came about by suddenly realising that as I moved my weight from left to right leg on the downswing, I also shifted my entire upper body to the left at the same time. Head, hands - hell, everything - was ahead of the ball at impact and there was only one way the ball was ever going to go.

By keeping my head and upper spine fixed as close as I can just behind the ball throughout the downswing I seem to be able to hit much straighter. I have also cut my backswing in half in order to try and keep more control. Ironically, although my swing is shortened, I am getting more distance off the tee, thanks to the straighter ball flight. I hit 230 metres today, which is pretty good for me. Once I can get some consistency in this new swing I can probably start to dial back up the power with a bigger backswing - right now I'm just happy to keep more than half my tee shots on the short stuff!

And there you have it. Next week I will probably be bemoaning some new, suddenly-appeared, bad aspect of my new swing, but right now I am happy as a pig in shit.

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Anniina said...

Okay wait, I'm still stuck on the "Angelina Jolie ballet dances naked" sentence. Is that post somewhere in the archives? ;D