Tuesday, November 11, 2008

Semi Finals

I play Joseph in the semi finals of the club championship today, another 18 holes of match play.

Having had a REALLY bad practice game yesterday, I am not too confident, in addition to being really tired having now played Saturday, Sunday, Monday and faced with another game today. This was not helped by the fact that tee times are really early and I had forgotten to set my alarm clock back an hour last month (duh!), so I ended up dragging myself out of bed at 6am this morning - early enough by any standards - and was half way showered before Lynne told me it was actually 5am and I was an idiot!

Today, however, it all came together. At least it did after the first few holes. I have played Joseph before, and we are very equal in terms of our golfing prowess (if, indeed, prowess is a word which can be used to describe what I do with a golf ball), so this developed into a really tough game, nip and tuck. As we rounded the front 9 I had battled back from my early troubles to snatch a 1 hole lead, and I took the next 3 holes to make life a little more comfortable. I lost the 13th and we drew the next 3 leaving me 3 holes up with only 2 to play. Game over.

A nice par on the 18th rounded off a great game (51 out, 49 back for a total of 100), and Joseph was a very gracious loser. Indeed, the whole game was characterised by a very relaxed attitude, fair play, laughing and joking, and genuine cheering on of one another's better shots and dismay at some of the terrible misses, making it a real pleasure. Completely the opposite to the game I played the other day where the guy was severely stressed out and seemed to think it was unfair that I should win some of the holes to which he was clearly entitled.

I get to play Andel, one of the guys who was in my qualifying group on Saturday, in the finals on Saturday morning. WIsh me luck!

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