Thursday, November 06, 2008

Strictly Bum Dancing

Last night we had our first dancing lesson, an individual one to try and get us up to speed because tonight we join the group course which has been running for over 6 weeks already.

I am terrified. You are talking about someone with two left feet having to learn enough dance to catch up with a group who has six weeks of lessons under their belts. After an hour covering the basics of the tango and paso doble, I can barely keep anything more than the most basic steps in my head and I am more terrified than ever.

Fast forward to tonight, and after four hours of golf (terrible - 50 out and 53 back with some shocking play) my feet are killing me and I realise I have already forgotten everything I learned last night. To make matters worse, there are always more women than men at these things, so you have to brave the myriad pairs of eyes following you round the room, just waiting for Lynne to make a slip or get demoted so they can pounce.

Naturally, with my boyish good looks and raw sexuality, not to mention obvious dance talent, I am the focus of attention. Then Lynne pinches me to tell me I have just missed five minutes of instruction, and I wake up....

Anyway, it's a hoot. We spend the hour doing the tango, covering the stuff we did last night plus a few new steps, and it all starts to stick. I find myself already looking forward to the next opportunity to show off my amazing skills, and we sign up for the rest of the year in the ballroom class.

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