Thursday, December 25, 2008

Christmas Day

After much work putting the finishing touches to the house over the last few weeks, we finally get to christen it by having friends over for Christmas dinner. Jan & Alex, Brian & Gill and Peter & Martine grace us with their presence. My job is to try to keep Harry from sweeping champagne glasses from the tables with his perpetually wagging tail, keep said glasses topped up, select and open the wine, and flame the Christmas pud - Lynne does everything else.

Following an amazing amount of preparation she turns out a dozen incredibly delicious canapes, including quails eggs and capers in pastry cases, bloody mary jello shots, marinated prawns, prawn and scallop cevice, chile scones with cream cheese, parma ham and parmesan pastry things..... too many to remember, but none of which would disgrace a top restaurant. Brina and Gill kindly bring all the ingredients for various champagne cocktails.... pretty smashed by the time we sit down to eat.

Starter is a medley of salmon dishes. Main course is boeuf en croute with baby potatoes roasted in duck fat and various veggies. Dessert is a choice of christmas pud (of course), mini chocolate mousses, orange segments in something sweet and alcoholic... probably forgotten something but WAY too smashed to remember much by this time. So smashed, in fact, that I overdo the brandy on the pud and nearly set fire to the curtains. Ho hum....

Wonderful day - thank you to you guys for coming and making it so great, and to everyone else, a very Merry Christmas!