Friday, January 30, 2009

Head Down

Lynne is out at her book club today so me and the mobile trash can are out for walkies stag.

I decide that it has been a while since we tried to climb the oppidum (we have been driving up to the top and then walking because of the bad weather) so we give it a go today. Whilst it doesn't bother the 4-paw drive, maximum traction Labrador in the least, I find the paths covered in two inches of water and ankle-deep mud to be more than a little treacherous after this week's rains. Back to driving up tomorrow...

Having worked my way through the new Doctor Who series (and Torchwood) recently, I am now watching some of the classic Dr Who episodes featuring the Daleks and Cybermen. Many of these I have never seen because I lost the faith once Tom Baker took over, and it only went downhill from there, IMHO.

However, having got used to the more lighthearted portrayal of the Doctor by Tennant and Ecclestone, and having warmed to Baker in other roles in recent years, I find the early episodes much easier to watch. Incredibly, despite the low budget and limited special effects (you can actually see the feet under the Daleks as they try to cross rough terrain in one episode!) the quality of the writing and story-telling stands the test of time, and these 30-year old episodes are very watchable. I kick off with Genesis of the Daleks (one of the best Dr Who stories ever bar none) and Destiny of the Daleks (the follow-up) and am mightily impressed. The extras are well worth watching too.

The rest of the day it is head down over my C programming book (or rather, C Programming PDF file...) ... ahhhhh, it's all coming back to me.... the long hours... the stiff neck... the dodgy Pointy-Haired Bosses.... the irate users... the crappy salaries....

Who wouldn't enjoy being a programmer?

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