Sunday, January 25, 2009

Intellectual Challenge

I've decided to try and prevent total atrophy of brain cells by (a) reducing the amount of wine consumed, and (b) brushing up on my programming skills.

OK, so (a) is a non-starter - we all know that. This means I will have to rely on (b). In my dim and distant past, I started my computer career as a programmer, writing very dull programs for large companies to do stock control, payroll, WIP tracking, order processing, and so on. Although this will date me terribly, I will admit that I just missed the PC revolution - although I have always used them (and purchased one of the very first IBM PC clones to hit the UK), I have never programmed for them.

Realising that I have just got myself a kick-ass software development environment (the new iMac) and that Apple actually makes all its developer software and documentation available for free (how cool is that?) I have decided to bone up on my C programming skills so that I can get to grips with Objective-C and Cocoa to write apps for the Mac. Once I have mastered that I will start messing with the iPhone SDK (also free!) so that I can write apps for the iPhone.

Knowing that it will bore some of you to death, but also aware that it will interest others, and exercising the inalienable right of all bloggers to fill the Internet with self-indulgent garbage that will ultimately interest only themselves (and even that is questionable at times) I will be keeping you updated on my progress :o)

Great walk today up to the oppidum for the first time in weeks. Not the first time that we have walked on the top - we have been driving up - but the first time we have attempted the long climb since the rains started. The path up has been treacherous, with fallen trees from the high winds and too much mud from all the rain, but it has just about started to dry out again. So we give it a go.

On the way up we meet Pooka, the boxer bitch who lives just down the road from us and seems to make her own entertainment by buggering off round the village whenever she feels like it. We have never once seen her being walked by her owners, but she does join us frequently on our walks (and we suspect she participates in many other walks with many other packs too!)

Anyway, she loves to run and play with Harry, but all Harry is interested in is sniffing her back end and trying to mount her. Looks like she may be coming into season shortly judging by the amount of drool Harry is producing, but Harry doesn't appear to know what he is doing in the sex stakes so not too much to worry about right now. Need to keep an eye on those two kids, though....

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