Monday, January 26, 2009

Sucky Weather

Truncated dog walk this morning due to the crappy weather (again!). You would think Harry would be pissed off by this, wouldn't you? Benson would have been - Benson loved water in all its forms, and a bit (or a LOT) of rain would never have affected his desire to go out for a walk.

Harry, on the other hand, is a fair-weather Labrador. He has been known to sit in the doorway when it is particularly rainy with a look that says "OK, you go, and on your way back please fetch me a litter box so I can make with the pee-pee indoors. Thanks awoofully".

The rest of the day is spent investigating Twitter clients and RSS readers for the Mac, and forging ahead with the bone-up-on-C-fest.

As far as RSS readers are concerned, you could do a lot worse than try Google reader - it is a lot easier to track entries from the blogs you follow by using a single reader than by going from site to site via bookmarks. The other advantage of using Google Reader is that I can import all of those feeds directly into my preferred iPhone RSS reader - Pro RSS.

For Twitter, the obvious choice is Twitteriffic. This is a great client for both iPhone and Mac desktop, but although very easy to use, it is somewhat light on features. Tweetie is my current choice for the iPhone, a client which makes it much easier to follow/unfollow, reply, search, and so on. For the desktop, however, there is something of a dearth of good clients. Forget TweetDeck - anything that runs on Adobe Air is doomed to fail IMHO. Adobe Air is another one of those bloated lipstick-wearing-pigs - much like Java - which deserves to die at the earliest opportunity.

Enter EventBox (currently in Beta, from, which not only provides a very nice Twitter client (very similar to Tweetie), but also RSS reader, Google Reader, Facebook and Flickr support. All my social networking stuff in one place - finally - even at $15 that can't be bad.

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