Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Golf At Last

Yes, after what seems likes months of bad weather (it's weeks really, which is still pretty unusual in these parts) we finally get back out on the golf course.

The last time we played the greens were solid as concrete and several of them were still partly obscured by snow. Not that that affected my game at all - I can play crappily under all conditions...

Today is no exception. After a promising practice session where everything I hit soared straight and true, it quickly becomes apparent that I have peaked before even teeing off. Shot after crappy shot turns into a dismal 51 on the first 9 holes, and it is only the warm sunshine and empty fairways ahead of us that persuade me to keep going.

With a 23 handicap (26 course handicap at Vacquerolles) I need to shoot 98 or under to play to my index. Amazingly I turn in a 46 on the back 9 to give me a respectable total, but this is one of those times when the score flatters. I hit several appalling tee shots which somehow keep rolling - in the case of both par 3's on the back 9 they roll right onto the greens allowing me to get par. In all, I manage 4 pars and a few bogeys to get that score, to balance the seemingly endless double and triple bogeys on the first 9, but I still didn't feel I played well - more that I got lucky.

For some reason, for example, I cannot hit a wedge shot to save my life right now - I think it is time to go back for lessons.

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