Tuesday, February 03, 2009

Risque d'Inondation

That's what it says on our weather forecast right now, and friends of ours in Salinelles have been warned to vacate their house tonight as the Vidourle continues to rise.

It is no joke when it gets to this stage, and all of us round here can still remember the last time Sommieres suffered in 2002 (see pic).

Here's hoping the rain passes and we get a day or two respite.

On another topic, in being informed of the new development plans for the outskirts of our little village, I find to my delight that we have a web site devoted to the village (and the plans). Fascinating (at least for those of us who live here....) with some lovely old pics. The thing that fascinates me is that when you study those old pics - some of them VERY old indeed - the heart of the village has changed very little since they were taken (right down to the same old lady sitting outside the front door in one of them).

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