Wednesday, February 04, 2009

Sex, Politics and Religion

The three things you should never discuss at the dinner table...

Well we don't have sex, but politics and religion we got in spades. Firstly, how we we be so complacent as to allow significant historical monuments rot away, especially when they have contributed so much to our nation's security in the past.

I am talking, of course, about Bletchley Park, which appears to be ineligible for any sort of government funding (well, they have no money left, of course) or lottery funding. Wot, no lottery money? How come?

Not gay enough? No single black lesbian mothers involved? Not muslim enough? Too close to Milton Keynes? After all, who wants to remember one of the birthplaces of achievements which helped win the second World War?

Well, I would like to - I have been a few times, and it makes for a fascinating day out. And if you would to help, you might try banging your head against this particular brick wall by going to the Online petition - Save Bletchley Park.

Onto my second rant of the day.

Peter Hitchens is very outspoken, and very rarely errs on the side of political correctness, and these two qualities endear him to me greatly, even if I do not always agree with his opinions. Of course, he has it wrong in his latest blog entry.

The police were not scared and were probably not lacking leadership - quite the opposite, in fact. My guess is they had been given very clear instructions not to antagonise the muslims, 'cos that's what we have to do, these days, isn't it? Not antagonise them. Grovel. Basically let them do what they want.

In stark contrast, the police were allowed to behave normally when confronted with a single, unarmed, gobby journalist, and he was probably lucky to walk away with all his teeth.

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