Monday, March 16, 2009

English Invasion

Since Lynne is off golfing with her girlie buddies today, I decide to have a Men's Golf Day (which is denoted by the requirement of spending as much time drinking as golfing), and am joined by Stuart and Hans.

The first time we have played together, and the first time they have played at Vacquerolles, and a most agreeable day it turns out to be. We are all around the same handicap and skill level, and end up shooting similar scores, although Stuart wins the back 9 match play competition (I note it was also Stuart who suggested it...hmmmmm). Stuart takes 4 holes, I take 3 and Hans 2.

Overall, I shoot exactly to my course handicap, turning in an OK score of 97 in an otherwise unremarkable game. Only 8 fairways hit, 1 green in regulation, 2 pars (though one of them was on the par 5 17th - my first on that hole) and an appalling putting average of 2.1 putts per hole.

Then it is down to the important part - the drinking. Unfortunately, I can't remember much about that bit....

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