Monday, April 06, 2009

Golf Overdose

Getting too old to play 54 holes of golf in 2 days.

Yesterday we played 18 holes at Vacquerolles first thing in the morning with Harry, which at least meant we didn't have to walk him separately. Then in the afternoon we went to the Cleveland Golf demo day at la Grande Motte.

The intention was to mooch around the new range of clubs and drool for a while, but the Cleveland guy had other ideas to sucker us in. He determined which range of clubs interested us, then gave us a full set on loan to go and play the course. Well, how could we refuse? One small point regarding the way the French do business here. In England, we would have had to leave a passport, driving license, cheque to cover the amount of the clubs borrowed and a small child as security for the clubs. Here, the guy just took down my name, didn't ask for any ID, and wished us a "bon parcours". Amazing!

And so we found ourselves playing another 18 holes. Given that I already own a lot of the Cleveland driver/wood/hybrid clubs that I need, it was really only the new irons in which I was interested. So much to the dismay of the guy behind us, I was hitting multiple iron shots up the fairway instead of driver/hybrid + small iron. Par 4's were becoming par 8's for me - but at least it was deliberate this time. The guy behind was terribly unimpressed, however...

Today was our regular weekly threesome with myself, Hans and Stuart round Vacquerolles - and very nice it was too. A big part of this weekly event is the time spent at the 19th afterwards, and so it's a jolly good job Lynne was driving...

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