Friday, July 07, 2006


How great was it to see France (who have been progressing by the seat of their pants in this competition) stuff Portugal in the semi-final? Very great - thats how great! Alles les Bleus.... I will be supporting them big time in the final (the participants of which, I admit, I only got 50% right - I thought it would be France v Germany for sure). I still stick with France to win - then at least they can retire most of their ageing team in style....

And how great was it to watch the elaborate theatrics of the famous acrobatic troupe, the Tumbling Portuguese, every time they got anywhere near the penalty area go completely unrewarded by the ref (who should have showed a few yellow cards for it)? Very great, too.

And how great was it to hear French and English supporters alike booing and hissing that cheating little wanker Ronaldo? Also very great. I suspect that it was just a small sample of what the little bastard will get week in week out in the Premiership next season, and I predict he will soon get fed up and piss off to Real Madrid - and good riddance.

For those of you who think this sort of barracking only serves to spur on the player, I can tell you that whilst this may be true if things are going his way on the pitch, the moment he starts making mistakes, committing fouls, losing the ball or fluffing shots, and he gets a chorus of cat calls and jeers, THAT is when it starts to mess with the brain. I really hope that the English supporters country-wide give Ronaldo much worse than they gave Beckham a few seasons ago after the famous Argie-kicking incident got him dismissed in the last world cup.

FYI - Ronaldo has now joined Harry "Treacherous Money-Grabbing Bastard" Kewell on my "I Hope He Breaks His Fucking Leg" list, previously only occupied by Maradonna until his retirement.

Vindictive? Moi? Pas du tout....

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