Sunday, July 02, 2006

Goodbye and good riddance...

At last, we can say goodbye to the terminally defensive Sven - let's hope the next manager is a little more adventurous and attacking-minded.

I have but a few questions before he departs:

1. Why take only four strikers when you know two are injured and have doubtful fitness before the competition starts?

2. Why take four strikers and only play half of them (only forced to play Crouch when Owen gets injured)?

3. Why play a formation that leaves poor spud-face stuck up front all on his own, a role he clearly does not relish?

4. If you insist on playing that formation, why not at least play a player in the holding role who would allow Gerrard and Lampard to go forward a bit more instead of sitting back and hoofing balls up to spud-head? I do like Owen Hargreaves, and he worked his socks off against Portugal once spuddo got sent off, but Carrick makes much more sense in that position

5. Why didn't you remind Rio "Donkey" Ferdinand before each game that his job is to get himself in front of opponents and the ball, and then give it as quickly as possible to someone who can actually play football? I think I saw him complete only two passes (other than those he passed 2-3 yards to either side) to his own team mates throughout the competition - does he fancy himself as a Gerrard/Beckham type, or something?

6. And finally, why oh why oh why are England so piss-poor at taking penalties? Portugal made us look stupid...again

The only good thing about England's exit against Portugal is that Alex, Clive and myself win our bet against Peter that England would not proceed beyond the quarter finals. Since we all put up 10 Euros each, our shared winnings are a paltry 3.33 Euros apiece (Peter really put one over on us - we were all drunk at the time!) - just about as pathetic as England's penalty-taking abilities.

Looks like we are all set up for a France v Germany final, and I reckon France could do it - they seem to be coming good at the right time.

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