Sunday, October 05, 2008

Bad Day

One of those days I wish I hadn't bothered getting out of bed.

First I managed to upset our neighbour by blasting away with the compressor through Sunday lunch time. Got a right telling off. Still - fair play. I was being an inconsiderate prick, after all.

Then I managed to drop a blender from a great height onto the ceramic hob, smashing it (the hob, not the bloody blender) in the process of "helping" Lynne in the kitchen. So now I am a clumsy, inconsiderate prick.

Given the amount of time it has taken to finish off these renovations and the fact that the kitchen itself was only finally put to bed last week, I found this more than a little upsetting. In fact I was more upset about it than Lynne, who took it pretty well considering she probably felt more like smashing the blender over my head.

Me, I gave up and had a beer.

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