Thursday, October 30, 2008

Bottled It

We set off to play golf early this morning, but by the time we get to the club it has started drizzling. I want to give up and go back home at that point, but Lynne casts doubts on my manhood and suggests I need to toughen up and stick it out.

I have my doubts, but spurred on by her good-natured challenge I get my gear out of the locker, pull on a wind-proof top followed by body warmer, don a hat and, wishing I had another glove for my right hand, wend my way to the first tee - by which time it is pissing down.

Ironically I hit a great tee shot, followed by excellent 2nd and third shots to get me on the green in regulation on this difficult par 5 before deciding that if I wanted to play golf in these conditions I would have stayed in England!

I am home in front of a nice fire before the guys in front of us hit the third tee.

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