Wednesday, October 29, 2008

Brief Respite

The brief respite to which I refer is in the rain - again! And I make the most of it by grabbing a game of golf.

It is hard to imagine today that only a week ago I was playing in shorts and t-shirt. Today I have on long pants, long-sleeved short and wind-proof top. The French are horrified - they know that winter has truly arrived when the English start wearing long pants!

Not a great game - too inconsistent, too much wind and too much waiting once we get past the sixth hole. I manage to scrape a 47 on the front 9, but crash to 53 on the back 9 thanks to some woeful mid-iron play. Ironically, short irons and putting are on fire today, making one-putts on most holes (and -given the score - demonstrating just how poor my approach play is!)

Once I get home the heating is on, and I even crank it up a degree or two. Yes, winter has arrived....

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