Wednesday, October 15, 2008


I came across a nice little app for the iPhone called Trailguru. This uses the GPS capability of the iPhone to record a walk or bike ride, following which you can post the track to their Web site, at which point they pull out some interesting facts about the walk (average speed, distance, elevation, and so on) and overlay the track on a Google Earth map.

Check out today's dog walk here (or follow the links on the map above), if you really have nothing better to do. The default display appears to be the "terrain" map, showing the topography of the terrain, but you can click on the "satellite" or "hybrid" buttons to get a good view of where we walked. Click on the "Replay Track" button for an indication of how quickly we did the walk :o)

We intentionally cut the walk short today because the technician is supposed to be arriving at 11am to service the water softener. Quelle surprise - he doesn't turn up.

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