Saturday, October 18, 2008

More Lunch

We meet up for lunch with Peter and Martine, Axel, Wendy, Alicia and Eloise, and Steven, Sarah and Pippa - along with Harry - at le Palais des Roses in Lunel. Count 'em - that's 8 adults, 2 four-year-olds, one new-born and one 3-year-old Labrador around one table in a restaurant - no surprise then that he has us out in a tented annex on our own!

Eating Indian (or, indeed, and non-French) food in France is usually a disappointing experience - the French don't do spicy. The best we have found so far was a restaurant in Paris - this turns out to be the second best, and streets ahead of any others we have tried locally.

Everyone opts for the thali, a sort of "tasting menu" of meat curries, nan, rice and bhajis. Washed down with some genuine imported Indian beer, the food turns out to be excellent. We will definitely be going back.

After lunch, it is back to Steven and Sarah's place to see how the renovation work is coming along (they have my sympathies - the dust level is about where we were not 3 months ago!) and for Harry to have a romp with Molly. The afternoon is whiled away in a very pleasant manner gossiping, drinking tea, making "helpful" DIY suggestions and walking the dogs.

The more observant amongst you will notice that, once again, an entire blog entry - and an entire day - is pretty much taken up with lunch!

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