Friday, October 03, 2008


By now the terrace beside the garage is full of rubbish sorted out from the big clean up and we decide to take a few runs to the local tip (dechetterie) to get rid of it.

These guys have a sweet racket going. Everything you unload is picked over carefully and anything remotely valuable is hauled off to one side to be - presumably - sold off via car boot sales or the local scrap metal dealer. My apologies to all dechetterie employees if this is not the case, but it is amazing how the level of politeness and help received with unloading increases in direct proportion to the value of the goods being unloaded!

On the third trip, the guy even has the balls to ask me if we could locate the mirror to go with the chest of drawers we brought down on the previous trip! Points for effort! I guess these guys are the modern day equivalent of the much missed rag and bone men of my youth, only without the horse and cart, and without needing to leave their yard!

Anyhow, after four trips the terrace is looking pretty clear, and we continue cleaning off stuff and moving it back into the garage. This is taking longer than we thought it would....

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