Tuesday, October 21, 2008

A Waiting Game

Some things don't change when you move from England to France.

One of those is the amount of time you spend waiting for plumbers who promise to turn up at 6.45am, then ring at 8.30 to say they will be there at 11.30 (WTF - I had to set an alarm to get up for no reason!), then ring at 14.00 to say they will be there at the end of the afternoon, then don't turn up at all. After two days with no hot water and no central heating and a downturn in the weather forecast, I decide to have a go at fixing the boiler myself.

Ten minutes with the manual and five minutes of wielding a spanner later and we have both heating and hot water. All I need now is the special pair of jeans that show off my butt-crack and I'm ready to go into business.

We also spend all afternoon waiting for our delivery of wood, promised for 14.00. He finally turns up at 19.00 just as it is getting dark, and Lynne and I spend a back-breaking hour stacking the wood on the terrace. Just as well we do, because it pisses it down all night.


Alex said...

Nice photo. Who's your plumber. I'd definitely get up early to let her in!

Bob Walder said...

I'm just amazed she risks soldering with no top on!