Monday, November 17, 2008

Berfday Girl

It's Lynne's birthday today and we decide a trip to the beach with Harry is in order. We decide on Grande Mottes because it has dog friendly beaches and it is so close, and we have a wonderful long walk along the nearly deserted beach.

It is a strange experience because we tend to still compare Harry with Benson at certain points, and a trip to the beach is one such obvious comparison point. Whereas Benson would have gone hurtling up and down, in and out (but mainly in) the water fetching everything in sight, Harry is content to plod along beside us, or occasionally ahead of us if another dog comes over to investigate, and will only go in the sea if he gets particularly hot. Anything we throw for him is usually met with a very gallic shrug and an expression that clearly says "you threw it, YOU fetch it!". As a retriever, Harry makes a good door stop.....

We decide there is no point continuing to compare the two of them - Harry is a completely different dog. The very traits which occasionally frustrate us - his unwillingness to get excited about a trip to the beach, for example - are also those which we often find the most appealing. Benson, for example, would get SO excited about a trip out that he would stand in the back of the car panting all the way, would not sit quietly in a restaurant, and would usually crap in the most embarrassing places in his excitement.

Harry, on the other hand, is simply happy to be out and about with us. The car trip itself is wonderful, the walk is wonderful (as long as he gets to walk with us) and time spent with us in a restaurant is wonderful. If he is not home alone, then it is a massive treat for him, and this makes him extremely easy to take out and about with us.

The short of it is - Harry is not Benson.

We have the most wonderful meal in a restaurant directly opposite the marina, which appears to have some complex name like "When The Lighthouse Flashes Over Something Or Other". Sorry Alex - I know you like names, addresses and phone numbers but I am usually too pissed to remember.....

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Alex said...

Thanks, I'll find it!
Happy Birhday Lynne.