Saturday, November 15, 2008


Today is the final of the golf club championship, and this means yet another ridiculously early rise to get there in time to practice before my tee time. Another 18 holes of match play, this time against Andel, one of the guys who I played with in my qualifying group last Saturday. A week ago I went round in more than 10 under his score - I am not expecting him to make life so easy for me today.

And he doesn't disappoint! This is another extremely tight game, with neither of us ever managing to pull more than two holes ahead before the other claws back the difference, and most of the game there is only one hole in it.

I start to pull ahead again on the back 9 and Andel gets slightly rattled. I am thinking "this is it", but then nerves get the better of me. Last week was easy because I never expected to progress past the qualifiers, never mind the final stages. Today things are different, and I start to make stupid mistakes with my short putts. I throw a couple of holes away missing the simplest of putts and we go to the 18th all square.

I have a great drive, and then fluff my second shot. We both get on the green in 3, but each with a 30 foot putt. We both miss our fourth shot, leaving around 3ft to go. He keeps his nerve better than me and drops it in the hole for 5 - I take 6. It is disappointing, but it was a great game - very exciting.

And I take comfort in the fact that I have come a long way in less than a year since I got my license - promotion from 4th to 3rd division, finals of the club championships, top 3 finish in 3 of the four summer competitions I entered, and halving my handicap from 54 to 27.

Tomorrow is another day - literally - I am signed up for the AGF competition!

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