Wednesday, November 05, 2008

Good Sense Prevails

Let's face it, Obama wasn't running against McCain and Palin, he was running against Bush. And at this point in history, an illiterate gay black atheist would have had more chance of winning the presidential race than a Republican.

But credit where credit is due, it only took $600 million and we have America's First Black President. Have you noticed that in every news item you listen to you can actually hear those capital letters? Why, in this day and age, is it such a big issue? Would the British press make such a big deal out of Britain's First Black Prime Minster? Or Britain's First German Royal Family? No, of course not.

Hilary Rodham must be spitting feathers right now, though. Even she could have won against Mc Cain and Palin!

All kidding aside, this was the smart choice. I worry that too much will be expected of him, despite the fact that he didn't really give much away in terms of how he was going to tackle the major issues, and I hope he really does try to make a difference. My fear is that his advisors will try and have him campaigning for a second term as soon as he sets foot in the oval office, and that his presidency will be characterised by astounding mediocrity. This will do a huge disservice to those who took a leap of faith and gave him the biggest majority the Democrats have seen in a long time.

I hope instead that he gets his head around the fact that his will be a one-term presidency - no way will he get elected again. That way he can consider himself free to upset whomever he likes on his way to enacting some real legislation and making a real difference.

And if he can do THAT, you never know what could happen in four years time....

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