Thursday, November 13, 2008

Paso Doble

I am sure it is not coincidence that if you say "Paso Doble" real fast it can sound a lot like "Dance So Poorly"

I have trouble getting my head round the new steps tonight, especially as it switches between 6 counts and 8 counts depending on what part of the dance you are at. I have huge new respect for the participants in Strictly Come Dancing - even John Sergeant! In fact, I have even higher respect for the men because I am beginning to realise just how hard it is not only to remember your own steps, but also LEAD the woman. Apparently women are incapable of remembering which way to go on a dance floor and need to be steered around by the man - a bit like life, really... Only kidding... honest!

Anyhow, seems grossly unfair that I should not only be expected to remember where to put my own feet and which direction to turn, but also to push and pull my partner around at the appropriate moments. In fact it is so unfair that I decide not to do it for most of the night. That's my story, anyway.

Switching partners during the dance adds another level of stress, although one lady makes a bee-line for me for a second dance telling me that she much prefers dancing with me because her husband is useless. I sneak a look around the dance floor trying to spot the only guy in the room who must obviously be a double amputee, on crutches or in a wheel chair, but he must have stepped out for a while.

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