Monday, November 03, 2008

Swing Change

We take advantage of a break in the lousy weather to play some golf - warm enough to play in a t-shirt today, if not shorts!

Continuing to tweak my swing to try and get some consistency in length and stop taking these huge divots. Some light at the end of the tunnel today, although there have been numerous occasions in the past when I have made a "breakthrough", only to find myself digging holes in the fairway next time out.

But today felt good, swing-wise and, let down only by some sketchy driving, I manage 49 out and 49 back - 98 total. Hoping this is good enough, since I have just signed up for the club championship this coming weekend. Gulp!

I know I am not going to progress past the first round, but I do quite enjoy playing in the competitions, and it is the only way you can have your scores recorded to reduce your handicap in France, so they are a bit of a necessary evil. As long as I can shoot around 100 I should be OK.... probably just jinxed myself right there!

We finish the day by watching The Return Of The King, the final installment of the Lord Of The Rings trilogy. Peter Jackson did two amazing things with this trilogy. Firstly, he managed to avoid disappointing the real fans of the books (apart from those morons who thought that Tom Bombadil should actually have been included in the film!). There was not one single moment throughout where I thought "Hmmmmm that's not how I imagined it". And that is pretty impressive! I would have liked to have seen the ending remain truer to the books, but that was never going to make is past Hollywood's Mushy Ending Enforcers, was it?

Secondly, he managed to engage people like Lynne, who actively disliked the Tolkein books. Some will probably just enjoy the films. Otheres, like Lynne, will be inspired to go back and re-read the books. That is also pretty impressive.

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