Wednesday, January 14, 2009

Hard Golf

Yes golf is hard. But it's even harder when the ground is hard - or in this case, pretty much solid. It's amazing that where we are the snow lasted less than 24 hours and our garden is back to normal, yet just a few miles up the road there are parts to the golf course which are still covered in a layer of snow, and other parts which are frozen solid.

It's no fun trying to bash your tee into concrete, and it's even less fun watching your perfect pitch shot rebound off the solid green and carry on for another 50 yards rather than nestle next to the pin. Pitching back onto that same green is no fun either - if your ball doesn't get stuck in the snow then it ricochets off the solid surface to shoot off down the other side of the green - 2 or 3 shots like that and you might as well give up.

So under the circumstances, 49 out and 50 back is a pretty good score, I think! At least I hit 11 fairways and 2 greens, so my battle against the dreaded slice continues to move in a positive direction.

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