Sunday, February 15, 2009

Curry And Sand

Not together, you understand, but one after the other.

We meet up with Axel & Wendy and Sarah & Steven (and associated offspring) at the curry restaurant in Lunel, which turns out to be excellent once again. I have the korma and Lynne the karahi and they are both very tasty - certainly the best we have had in this region of France.

After catching up on S&S' adventures in Oz and misadventures with their builders, Lynne and I carry on with Harry to the beach at Grandes Mottes. Surprisingly for such a cold day, the beach is packed (well, as packed as they get round here) - maybe it is enough that it is sunny after all the rain we have had recently, 'cos the French (at least in the south) are not normally renowned for trekking around in the cold, preferring to wait for temperatures in excess of 30 degrees Celcius before they take their winter coats off!

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