Friday, February 27, 2009


Back on the golf course today, even though I swore I would never play again after the last game....

Funny sort of game really. Last time out I shot 97 but felt like I had played really badly. My ball striking was poor, yet I got lucky with a few errant tee shots on the par 3's which rolled onto the green and salvaged something out of what could have been a terrible score.

Today, I shot a truly abysmal 102 (52 out, 50 back), and yet felt I played much, much better and was dealt a few really harsh blows by the very blustery conditions. I had way too many double and triple bogeys, and much of my wedge and short iron play still sucked, yet I hit 8 fairways (despite the treacherous winds), averaged 200 metres on my drives (had 3 over 220 metres, which is getting on for the longest I have ever hit), and averaged 1.8 putts per hole.

I had two great up-and-downs to save par on a couple of par 3's, and played some great 150 metre hybrid shots out of fairway bunkers, so there were lots of positives. Unfortunately I hit only one green in regulation (and even that one I went on to 3 putt!)

Like I say, it's a funny sort of game, because the score card really isn't everything. 50% of golf is in the head. And the other 50%.... well, that's in the head too!

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